Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leftover Spaghetti Frittata

Ever look in the refrigerator and find bits and pieces of about five different meals? Ya--that's what went on in my kitchen yesterday. I thought I would take a peek and make some room for groceries and I found about a handful of leftover spaghetti , a few slices of tomato, about a fourth of an onion……and I didn’t want to waste it all by throwing it away. So I thought I would make a little lunch…..

I put a splash of olive oil (white truffle scented---yum) in a small pan. Then I diced up the onion, added one crushed clove of garlic and sautĂ©ed them until the onion was soft, about 5 minutes. To that, I added one minced hot pepper minus the seeds (look at how cute they are—my husband got them free at the beginning of the summer when he bought some plants for the pot) and the sliced tomatoes.

Pretty sure I threw in some salt and pepper about now and then I added the spaghetti.

Hmmm….it needed something, so I took an egg and beat it, added a handful of shredded cheddar and stirred it into the spaghetti. Hey, I think I’ve got a frittata going on here! I browned it well on both sides, got the cheese all melty and the egg cooked through and unselfishly asked Pete if he would like to try some.

This is some good stuff. Not so sure I'm going to share the next time.


  1. HAHA thats like when you're saving the best bite for last and someone asks if they can taste it when you're almost done! NOOOOO!!! LOL.

  2. I know, right? Then he says that fried spaghetti is his favorite way to have spaghetti. Wth? We've been together nearly 30 years and I've never made, nor have I ever seen him eat, fried spaghetti.LOL

  3. LOL that sounds like something Jim would say! In fact, I'm sure Jim woulda jus' snatched it out of my hands w/o me even asking hehehehe

  4. MMMMMM Delicious! I would not have been so kind as to share... LOL

  5. Looks awesome. Heh, I always have bits and pieces left over from stuff. Next time, I'm going to make a frittata, I usually just make rice.

  6. You had me at White Truffle Oil... sounds amazing ;)