Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too Hot to Cook? Kellogg's™ Has Some New Products!

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I am, on occasion, sent samples of new products to try. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when I heard that I would be receiving a sample of Eggo's™ Fruit Pizza....somehow, I thought it would be a waffle with fruit. And, I was certain that I would get a coupon for it. So, imagine my surprise when I came home from work all hot, grumpy and sweaty, to find a huge box on my doorstep. Inside, were two (small in relationship to the box) fruit waffles at all....and a big pile of dry ice to keep it all frozen. One pizza was topped with mixed berries and one with strawberries, and the fruit (yes, it was real fruit) was mixed with granola and was on top of a berry flavored yogurt and a cinnamon/maple flavored crust. Now, I know this product is intended for breakfast, but keep in mind that I had come home all hot and grumpy. This was going to be a nice little snack.

Check out the pretty frozen blueberries...I almost ate this with out heating it up. The description told of  a nice, warm toasted granola, however, so I gave in...and popped it in the microwave.

I'm glad I heated it...the fruit was much better all warm and juicy. Next time, I might try baking it in the oven to get a crispier crust...the microwave left this one a bit rubbery. It was a tasty, little snack, however, and at 390 calories, it wouldn't make a bad breakfast. Unfortunately, the strawberry version mysteriously disappeared from the freezer when I wasn't looking......

The next package to arrive contained two boxes of Kellogg's™ FiberPlus™ Antioxidants Cereals:

Who doesn't need extra fiber, right? Well, maybe my husband, but we won't go there....

This I did save for breakfast, although I have been known to eat cold cereal for dinner.

This cereal has gotten some flack for having a few artificial ingredients (OK, a lot of artificial ingredients), but the good news is that the first ingredient is a whole grain (we won't mention that the second ingredient is sugar). I liked it, regardless. The product has 40 % of my daily requirements for fiber...and tastes a heck of a lot better than a bowl of twigs. At 160 calories, I'm not going to get fat from it, and it has a nice list of vitamins (I know, I know...synthetic vitamins, but vitamins, nonetheless). In my opinion, it is lot better choice than a starchy bagel or carb-laden sweet roll.

I tried the Berry Yogurt Crunch, and my husband had the Cinnamon Oat Crunch. I liked the flavor of mine (a slight aftertaste, from some of the artificial flavorings, no doubt) and Pete liked his, too. I snuck a taste of reminded me of Apple Jacks.

In the end, I will definitely buy the cereal. I may or may not buy the fruit good as it is, I have a hard time with the rubbery crust...but it may be worth a try in the oven once the weather cools down. If you are interested, I believe you will find them in the frozen section with the other breakfast foods. :)


  1. Wasn't too sure about the fruit pizza, I'm with you... don't think I would be into the rubbery crust. In the oven might be good though. It would be great in the morning, but don't think I would make the time to turn on the oven and all. I will give the Cinnamon Oat Crunch a try sounds delicious.

  2. Ellerinize sağlık. Çok leziz görünüyor.


  3. Nice they deliver food to your door, Cathy, but the fruit pizza looks SO dismal compared to your gorgeous desserts!

    Good to know the cereal is edible and fiber-filled for those of us who need it. (My DH doesn't need any more fiber either, so I will be steering clear of the cereal for him... must be a 'man-thing' huh??)


  4. I am so glad I popped over here. I was going to get my fruit pizzas out of the freezer for the kids' breakfast tomorrow morning and would have put them in the microwave if I hadn't read this. Into the toaster oven they will go. I was surprised how huge the box was, too. It almost seemed like over-kill!

  5. thats a new twist on pizza for breakfast. I'ms surprised at how good the fruit looks!