Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bacon, Tomato and Avocado Sandwich....

......Using Nature’s Pride® Oven Classics bread

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker's Program, I was sent a couple loaves of Nature’s Pride® Oven Classics bread--the 100% Whole Wheat and the Oven Classics give them a whirl. I do so love getting stuff in the mail. My whole family loves it when I get stuff in the mail. Yes, even loaves of bread.

Of course, first we had to read the labels. Pete's ears perked up when he saw that the oatmeal bread had 40% less sodium than regular oatmeal bread. And Taylor will only eat whole wheat bread, so she had dibs on that. My mother-in-law only likes a certain chemical infused white bread that shall remain nameless. I didn't think she would be interested. Mybad. She ate half of the loaf of oatmeal bread before I could blink.

Now, what to make? I was kind of in the mood for a BLT, so I picked up some bacon (cover your ears, Taylor--you can put jelly on your slice).....

.....And some tomatoes....

......and an avocado (not a big fan of lettuce on sandwiches).

I toasted the bread (not that it needed was nice and soft for whole grain bread) and fried some bacon until it was nice and crispy. Why is it that someone always eats the bacon before I can get it into the sandwich? Then I slathered it with mayonnaise (only the real miracle whip) and layered it with tomato slices and avocado. Oh, don't forget some pepper.

And then I made Pete wait for his sandwich so I could take some pictures. :-D

...he's still waiting....

I made mine on what was left of the oatmeal bread. Dang...someone ate half of the bacon I set aside for my sandwich....perhaps he had to wait too long.

I'll definitely be getting this bread again. Healthy for you and tastes good...can't beat that combo....


  1. "he's still waiting"....that cracked me up!!! They have some good bread don't they?! I love me a good BLT and I always fry up twice as much bacon as needed because it gets eaten

  2. Every time I fry bacon, the same thing happens, it disappears, usually before I get more than one piece. This sandwich looks very tasty, I hope Pete enjoyed it!

  3. every time I make a blt this way(with the avocado) I wonder why more people don't do it too! It is so so lovely! Beautiful pictures..
    cathy b. @ brightbakes

  4. This is the perfect blt. I hate lettuce on sammies! Always love Avo!