Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's Resolutions....and some revelations...

Poached eggs...a tasty lo-cal breakfast.

So, I haven't posted much lately. You could say I'm a little conflicted. I love playing with my food  inventing new recipes and baking treats. It's what I do, after all. A number of things are going on, though. First, it's Pillsbury Bake-Off® time! That's right, I really haven't stopped inventing things--I just can't talk about them. Second, my pictures haven't been turning out very nice, lately. It's lighting--always dark when I get home from work. Perhaps, I need to buy a new camera? I procrastinate about a lot of things. Which brings me to to number three: I've had to cut back on what I've been eating. Oxymoron, no? Inventing for the BakeOff and trying to lose weight? Kind of...ha, ha. Believe me, I'm taking a taste and passing it all on for "further evaluation". Pity my poor guinea pigs co-workers.

I'm not going to diet. Really, don't you hate that word? Unfortunately, after about 4 years of mindless eating (call it stress eating, if you will), I need to make a change. A fifty pound change. I've done this before, with great success, so I know it can be done. Now that I've announced it to the world, it better happen. :)

Not to worry...this isn't and will never be a blog about dieting. I'll leave that to the experts. Have you ever checked out Hungry Girl? I don't go for all of her tips, but she does have great ideas! I found out about Vitatops from her. Yummy chocolate muffin tops that only have 100 calories.

I hope you don't mind my sharing a few things I might learn along the way, but for the most part what I want to do is cut back. Everything in moderation, right? Besides, if I give up all treats, I'll just go on a big binge and it would all be for naught.

I rue the day that my daughter introduced me to the gourmet coffee scene. I've never been a coffee drinker, but that skinny vanilla latte is really tasty...and pricey. So now I make my own. It beats the Diet Coke I used to have for breakfast.


Coffee, 25 calorie hot chocolate mix and own gourmet coffee.

Huh...I always thought it was spelled "ReddiWhip". Where did the "h" go?

Adding some spices really helps make things taste good. And those Bagel Thins only have 110 calories.....

One of the first things that I have learned how to make for myself is a poached egg. This video tells you how it's done.  In the future, I'll figure out a great lo-cal sauce.

In the mean time, I've taken all of my sweaters off of the elliptical and I'm slowly adding exercise to my day. Eventually, it will all become a habit....

Cheese makes a good snack. These Mini Babybels have only 50 calories apiece.

My goal is to look good on television when I win the million. A girl can dream, right?

As soon as it all becomes a habit, I'll post something a little more interesting. Promise.


  1. Best of luck with all you are doing, Cathy! I'm rooting for you!

  2. had to chuckle a bit over the reddi wip H?!
    also babybel needs an extra L!

  3. My daughter loves Babybel cheese. A great snack!


  4. Hi Cathy, I'm with you on the 50 pounds needing to go (for me it's closer to 60) and you're right, everything in moderation. I wish I could remember the moderation part when I'm confronted by a handful of chocolate chip cookies. We can do this!

  5. Looks delicious! It's the poached egg. Most yummy thing in the world. LOL I am cheering you on!!!!

  6. I want some eggs benedict for breakfast!!
    I totally get you on this "lets bake and lose weight at the same time" thing. Can't wait to hear what you've learn....please!!!

  7. Great post! My eggs have to be scrambled..
    I like the Laughing Cow lite Swiss and the Babybel