Sunday, November 20, 2011

Egg in the Hole

I thought I was being so clever the first time I made this. Use a biscuit cutter to cut a perfect circle in a slice of bread and then fry an egg in it. Ha--as it turns out, people have been doing this forever. Of course, it's called different things, depending on what area of the world you're in. Egg in the Hole, Toad in the Hole---I don't know what else. It's so simple, I actually felt a little weird about posting it, until I saw that The Pioneer Woman posted it and had over 1400 comments. People like stuff like this. Reminds them of their youth, I think.

Today, I had some eggs to try. As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received coupons for some free Land O Lakes® Eggs. With the holidays at hand, those coupons came at a great time.

First, I had to find the eggs. They looked a little fancy to me, what with the packaging and the Omega 3 claims, so I was looking at the high-end grocery stores at first. As it happens, I found them at my usual grocery store. I would have known this if I had used their store locator. Duh.

Of course, I knew that Land O Lakes® had a quality product. I use their butter all of the time and I love it, not only for the superior flavor, but for the packaging. Each butter quarter is wrapped in a flavor sealed wrapper, so the butter doesn't absorb all of those other smells in your fridge. Really, who wants onion flavored butter? The egg packaging was interesting--the plastic outer cover (and inner cover) certainly protected the eggs, but I wondered about all of the plastic on a "natural" product. No worries, however. Land O Lakes® is all over it ---beginning in January 2012, all Land O Lakes® eggs will be packaged in a new pulp carton made from 100% recycled material.

The Omega 3 claim confused me at first, but it simply means that the hens are fed a natural, vegetarian diet that includes flax seed. This means that these eggs have an additional 160 mg of ALA omega-3 fatty acids per egg. You can read all about it on the Land O Lakes® website.  You can also choose to buy the eggs in the Natural, Cage Free, or Organic varieties.

Back to our recipe: 

I chose a Tuscan bread...just make sure your slices are big enough for your biscuit cutter.

Put plenty of butter in your skillet. You want the bread to absorb it and get nice and toasty brown. Don't forget to fry your "circles". They make good dippers.

Oops. I fried the first two a little too long. The yolks weren't runny enough. I gave these to my husband. :)

Much better. I love me a runny yolk.

Disclaimer: While I was given free product in order to make a review, all opinions are my own.


  1. I'm not a big egg eater myself (I really only look for it a few times a year), but my sister makes AWESOME toads in a hole / birds nests with homemade jalapeno bread. Yummmm!

    As for the eggs, I refuse to pay the higher prices for the LOL, Egglands, etc. I will pay more for their butter for some recipes. I used to be fanatical about using ONLY LOL butter, but not anymore! Regardless of the prices, I'm a brown egg person anyhow. I only buy white eggs when I can't find brown anywhere.

    I'm not sure it makes any difference in baking, but it does in taste, etc. for breakfast. I know a lot of people would disagree with that, but even my Dad used to get physically sick from eating white eggs. It's not like he ever cooked to know they were white, but he had sulfur allergies, so the white must have more of something sulfur-like in them than brown eggs??

    Anyhow, your Egg in the Hole looks great. I definitely love the cut-outs with them. If you ever get a chance, try them with the jalapeno bread. :)

  2. Chris, I normally wouldn't spend the money, either, but with all the controversy with eggs these days, I'm not taking too many chances. Next time, I'm getting the cage free eggs--those are brown. Btw, your sister's version with the jalapeno bread sounds awesome!!

  3. We love those. My family calls them Toad in a Hole. Kind of a gross name when you think about it, but still really tasty.

  4. I have to try these for my daughter, toad in the hole was a jeopardy question last night.

  5. My favorite breakfast ever!!!

  6. Hi Cathy, great ideas for my abundance of eggs here (I have free-range hens.) Interesting about the difference in the color of the eggs making them taste different? My hens lay white, brown, tan, pinkish and yes, even greenish colored eggs, and I cannot tell them apart. I guess my tastebuds are shot.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. My mom used to make these for us when we were kids...such memories! I always liked the "hats" the best :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving~

  8. This is crazy. I've never made eggs in a hole before. It looks fun! Your eggs look perfect. I think you could be a short order cook if you wanted to be.