Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cookbook Cafe....publish your own cookbook!

Many of you have heard me talk about's a recipe website that doubles as a social networking site for foodies from every walk of life. Babette Pepaj, the founder of Bakespace envisioned a place where people could meet, bond, and share recipes. She started Bakespace back in 2006, and since then it has evolved into one of the premier recipe sharing sites on the Internet, winning awards and accolades all along the way. Ok, so what's my point, right? Well, today Babette is launching a great new idea that I've been privy to for a few months and I'm so excited by it that I really want to share.

Have you ever toyed with the idea of publishing your own cookbook? Cookbook Cafe is a place where you can do it for free! Think about it--no trying to find a publisher and then shelling out big bucks to see your book in print. Cookbook Cafe is an app for iPad, but you don't need an iPad to access or use it. It is as easy as uploading recipes on to the Bakespace site (make them private if you want), create the cookbook, and publish. You can even charge money! Think about the possibilities. Fundraising? No publishing costs...just gather your recipes, make the cookbook, set the price, and promote your book. Are you a blogger? Gather your most popular recipes and offer your readers an easy spot to find them. But, you really want to publish a "real" cookbook, right? One you can wrap your hands around? Instead of waiting years to actually publish, why not test the waters with a quick virtual version? It may just give you the recognition you need to get your dream cookbook published! At any rate, it is worth a look, right?

If you have an iPad, just look for the free Cookbook Cafe app and download a few cookbooks. Let me know how it works, because I don't have an iPad, yet. :) If you're like me and haven't updated to all the fancy gadgetry, just pop over to Bakespace, login, browse and download some free cookbooks. You might even find mine.

Quick Breads, Muffins and Cakes...Oh My!


  1. I wonder if I can download this app on my nook color? Any idea?

    1. Michele, I'm pretty sure the ap will only download to an iPad. The other way to access is through Bakespace. Can your nook access the website?